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Goddess-type Information
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__Once a week, there will be a post made to this community. Each post will contain information on a different goddess. My aim is to give information on less widely known goddesses, but I'm sure you'll recognise some.

Anyone can join the community (and watch of course), but posting is restricted. Commenting on posts would be great, though- to say what you think about the goddess, if you have further information, or just suggesting goddesses for future posts. Please comment on this post with any requests.

At present, posts will be made around 6am CST every Monday morning.

Note: I research all of the goddesses posted about to the best of my ability. If you have information to add, feel free to comment with the addition. Likewise for images- if you find an image that simply must be seen, post in comments with it.

The community was partially inspired by the wordoftheday community.

(No images linked in posts are used for profit or anything save example and education purposes.)