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Iris (by request)

Iris is a Greek goddess, and the personification of the rainbow. She is the daughter of the Oceanid Electra and the Titan Thaumas, and sister to the Harpies. She is considered a messenger of the gods to humans- particularly of the goddess Hera, whose orders she delivered to mankind. She travelled from one end of the Earth to the other with the speed of the wind, or to the depths of the ocean, or to the chasms of the underworld. Iris is portrayed as a beautiful maiden with wings, often with a herald’s staff and water pitcher. She wears a crown of light upon her head, and encircled by a rainbow of brilliant colours and shapes that embrace the creatures of Earth, connecting it to the heavens. She is also sometimes shown with winged shoes, and holding a caduceus.

Other versions of her mode of transportation suggest that she rode the rainbow to and from Olympus. Iris also separated the soul from the body after death. It is said that, since the soul exists through the eyes, the coloured part of the eye was named for this goddess.

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